Ways for parents to communicate with teachers

It can be difficult for parents to be involved in their children’s day-to-day activity at school. The key is communicating with their teachers – when parents and teachers work together, students succeed!

Here are a few ways parents can stay in the loop with teachers:

Meet teachers in person as the school year begins

It’s important for parents to meet their child’s teacher early in the new school year and begin an initial dialogue for open communication throughout the year.  It’s also important for teachers to be able to connect with their students’ parents. As a parent you are encouraged to reach out to introduce yourself anytime.

In-class meetings and school events

Parent-teacher conferences throughout the school year are the best opportunities to get face-to-face feedback on a student’s progress. Also, many parents are able to volunteer their time to engage in classroom activities and school events, which can be an effective way to support their child’s learning and to feel more a part of the school community.

Class websites and newsletters

Class websites and newsletters are great forms of communication that keep parents updated about class activities, curriculum changes and upcoming events. Both platforms also provide opportunities for announcements and calls-to-action that get parents involved in school activities such as bake sales, sports teams, or parent-teacher associations.