Provincial Executive unanimously endorses tentative agreement

We reached a tentative agreement with the government and trustees! We are confident this agreement addresses our members’ important concerns and priorities, and protects the quality of education in Ontario. 

So, what happens now?

The OECTA Provincial Handbook describes our three-step process leading up to the member ratification vote on the tentative agreement.

Step One

On Aug 27, the Provincial Executive unanimously ratified the tentative agreement. The Executive also unanimously recommended that the Council of Presidents ratify the tentative agreement.

Step Two 

The Council of Presidents will meet on September 1 to vote on whether to recommend ratification of the tentative agreement to the members.

Step Three 

Should the Council recommend ratification, OECTA members will then have two weeks to review the details before they vote on September 17. OECTA has suspended its work to rule action pending ratification.